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Thanks for visiting our site, if you have a animal issue right now, you can simply contact us immediately by phone, 760-4454 and we can answer most questions as well as set an appointment to review your project

Move wildlife to the wild

Thank you for your interest in Rascal Removal Services!

Here at Rascal Removal Services, we are committed to serving not only you, but also the wild animals that we remove from your property.


While not all animals can be released back into the wild, it is our belief that every animal should be individually evaluated to determine if it is fit for release.


We will always discuss with you, prior to the capture of any animals, what the options are.  Your concerns are always  important and a part of the decision making process.


Here at Rascal Removal Services we do love wildlife, at that is why we are involved in the removal of nuisance wildlife.  Call 269-760-4454