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Coyote removal



The coyote has expanded across the entire United States; requiring more coyote removal services. They are originally from the Western States but now are present in the Midwest, Southeast and the Northeast United states. Very adaptable, they have flourished in all areas, not just the rural, and suburban areas but now are also seen in Chicago, New York City, Detroit and right here in Southwest Michigan, in Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and around our many lakeside communities. Coyotes can live right near your home without you realizing it. Shy and active at night, they try to avoid human contact. They have however adapted well to living in the cities as well as suburbs. They typically do not pose a threat to humans, but are known to prey on cats and small dogs. Very difficult to capture, especially during spring, summer and early fall when food is plentiful . We have had great success capturing them, but it is typically not an overnight project. We offer single capture services as well as predator control trapping in large tracts of land.

Coyote removal can be very difficult, as well as require continued trapping to significantly reduce their numbers.